Horses Janet trained

September 2015

After the Charm School closed, Janet took a short break from owning and training horses.  In 2012 horses found a way back into her life.  She adopted a 3 month old thoroughbred filly.  She was named Jancy (after Janet and her friend Nancy, who encouraged Janet to adopt this special horse from Starry Skies Equine Sanctuary and Rescue in Ann Arbor Michigan).  This little filly was quite the challenge to raise and train.  She was backed in fall of 2014 and ridden regularly throughout the year: winter, spring, summer and now fall. As a 3 year old, she has been to Kensington, Brighton, and Waterloo several times and is doing fantastic.   

Recently, Janet moved to Tuthill Farms in South Lyon Michigan.  Since they recently lost their instructor, trainer. and exercise rider, Janet accepted the position with enthusiasm. Her first new partnership is with a 3 year old beautiful, talented, naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horse filly named Ellie. She will also be giving riding lessons to a mature woman with a super sweet, large donkey while at the same time starting a 7 year old gaited horse who was pulled out of a pasture where he was living the good life with his sire and dam.

Janet will be available at Tuthill Farms for riding instruction and training.  Lessons range from beginner to advanced and will include how to handle horses on the ground and under saddle.  

The following is a list of the horses trained at The Equine Charm School: 6650 Clear Lake Road, Waterloo Michigan 

The Charm School opened November 2005 and closed in June 2008.  

June 2006 for two weeks



  • 3 year old Quarter Horse
  • Introduce to the trail (she had been a show horse and never been out on the trail)



July – middle of August 2006



  • 5 year old Haflinger gelding.
  • Worked on standing for mounting, separation anxiety, calm down, pick up feet.



Middle of August – end of August 2006



  • 4 year old Friesian
  • Ridable, but very shy and sensitive.  Desensitized and introduced to the trails. 



Oct – November 2006


  • 3 year old Paint gelding
  • Had been ridden in a round pen about a dozen times.  He was high headed and a head tosser.  Introduced to trail riding



December - January, 2006/7



  • 3 year old gelding pony
  • Started under saddle and introduced to the trails



March - April, 2007



  • 5 year old Paint mare
  • Brought to the Charm School because she was unwilling to canter and needed to use spurs to get her going.  We determined she had a physical problem that affected her balance and coordination.



April - May, 2007



  • 15 year old Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Danny’s owner had only ridden him a few times.  He was a little barn sour.  He spun around and semi reared several times.  We worked on trail riding and bathing.



May - June, 2007



  • 6 year old Buckskin pony
  • Started under saddle and introduced to the trails



July - August, 2007



  • 9 year old Morgan mare
  • Needed work on the trials, leg cues and side pass



August - September, 2007



  • 6 year old Arabian gelding
  • Worked on leg cues, back-up, stand for mounting, walk through water, and give to pressure.



September - October, 2007



  • 10 year old Quarter Horse gelding
  • Duke was trained by an inexperienced trainer.  Spent time on his gaits (walk, trot, canter) and leg pressure cues.



June - July, 2008



  • 4 year old Appaloosa mare
  • Started under saddle and introduced to the trails.



July - August, 2008



  • 6 year old Quarter Horse gelding
  • Worked on getting Max safer to ride on the trails.



August - October, 2008



  • 3 year old Paint mare
  • Started under saddle and introduced to the trails.



November - January, 2008



  • 8 year old Arabian gelding
  • Started under saddle and introduced to the trails.



February – May 2008



  • 3 year old Paint mare
  • Sassy was rescued from the Napoleon auction.  She had been neglected and half starved.  She was considered dangerous and the owner had been advised to put her right back in the auction or put her down due to her bad behavior.  After 3 months at the Charm School, Sassy became calm enough for an 11 year old girl to handle and ride with supervision.  She was started under saddle and introduced to the trails.



May – June 2008



  • 4 year old Arabian mare
  • Xola was owned for two years by an experienced horse owner who did a lot of ground work with her, but didn’t want to be the first in the saddle.  Started under saddle and introduced to the trails.